Our Courses

Lifestyle Banking
Beginner’s Course

Discover the philosophy and principles behind Infinite Banking and see real-life examples of how it works.

Lifestyle Banking
Master’s Course

Learn the most innovative strategies to take Infinite Banking to the next level and create wealth that will last for generations.

The Three Pillars of Lifestyle Banking


Lifestyle Banking is designed to provide a strong foundation as you build your knowledge of the Infinite Banking, Private Family Financing, personal finance, and insurance.

In the Foundation pillar, you will learn more about finance and insurance than most agents do themselves! You will understand the mechanics of your policy in-depth, the flaws with current retirement planning, why to use your policy rather than cash, and much much more.


Now that you have a whole life policy, what do you do now? The Lifestyle pillar explains the practical steps you can take to integrate its power into your day-to-day financial life.

You will learn how to use your policy to finance a college education, buy real estate, save money on taxes, and more!


The end goal of Lifestyle Banking is not just a comfortable retirement for you, but a generational legacy you can pass along to your children and grand children.

In the Legacy pillar you will learn how to create the largest estate possible to give your descendants a better start in life than you had and give more to charities than you ever thought you could, all without changing your cash flow.